Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

Homage To A Great Love Story

I love that Movie from the great producor James Cameron, so I want to make a card with the principal performers.
I try to paint the colorful imaginative world of the movie as background. Actors found in movie journal.

Note.: If I hurt copyright please inform me and I will promptly delete.


  1. Oh, ist das schön. Wenn du das nächste Mal ein Begleitkärtchen für mich suchst, kannste dieses ruhig nehmen ***gggg****

    LG Biggi

  2. Hallo Anja,
    vielen Dank für deinen netten Besuch.
    Ich wünsche die einen schönen Tag,bis bald

  3. Wow I love “Avatar” the movie too it is so far one of my favourite movie I have seen in the past. But now I am interested in your way of creating this amazing picture. Would love to find out more about it. You talk about nail polish remover etc. I am puzzled perhaps you can help me out. Do you work with a Photo and then remove the colour with Nail polish and then recolour the removed area with crayons?

  4. Hello Jacqueline,

    yes I descripted this technique posts before so:
    1. I decolored a journal page with nail polish remover and cotton pads, the finer lines with
    cotton sticks. All you see as white areas is decolored.
    2. I colored again with watersoluble crayons and paintbrush and glued the stamp motif in the middle.

    But the Avatar Photo I cut out only.
    Hugs Anja

  5. wooooow what a great work, love all the beautiful colours.
    hugs Pia

  6. Liebe Anja

    die Karte sieht ja fantastisch aus. Ganz toll!

    En liebe Gruess